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Dear Alumni,

  • Welcome to CARMEL SCHOOL GORAKHPUR Website. Many of you have expressed your keen desire to be part of the Alumni Association of CARMEL GORAKHPUR. We have good news for you - The College is forming its Alumni Association this year and we invite you to join it. We wish to keep you involved in the life and activities of the SCHOOL as we develop new ways to deepen your connection with the Alumni community around the globe.

  • There is great joy in keeping alive memories by coming together. The events which will be organized by the Association will be occasions for you of homecoming and reunion. This certainly will be rewarding and will bring you joy and happiness. To keep the Marisian family grow and develop further you are welcome to share your experiences and contribute in whatever best way you can. May the influence that CARMEL SCHOOL has had on your life may help you to reach out and give an experience of all who connect with you.

  • We will keep you updated with information about the events of the College and you can browse through this website time and again. Please ensure that you join the Alumni Association at your earliest. We assure you that your involvement will make the Association vibrant and will make your ties with your Alma Mater stronger.

  • When you are in this city do visit the SCHOOL and refresh the old memories. You will be delighted to see the developments happening at your Alma Mater. We hope to hear from you and see you soon.

  • May God bless you!

- Sr. Rashmita A.C.

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